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Surveys from the College Years

Check out these old ones below.

Desire more? Check out the survey below: (or surveys 1 and 2)

1) Your full name: Brooks Thomas Shannon
2) Your birthday: 02.16.81
3) Your birth place: Bismarck, ND
4) Where you live: currently in Fargo, ND
5) Your siblings names and ages: i'm an only child, so there!
6) Your parents names: Dad/Stepmom - Tom & Sandi ... Mom/Stepdad - Carla & Joe
7) What does your name mean: if only i knew
8) If we were born the opposite sex what would your name be: who's we?
9) Have you ever moved: many a time, yes
10) Your age: 19
11) Color hair: plain, unlively brown
12) Eye color: brown, too
13) Are you right handed or left handed: right

14) food: italian, chinese, mexican foods, yeah
15) movie: Braveheart, Fifth Element, Contact, The Big Lebowski, Stargate
16) song: lots and lots
17) musician/band: many (Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater, Rush, Pink Floyd, etc)
18) type of music: rock (classic, progressive, metal, etc), classical, blues
19) actress: Jennifer Aniston, oh yes
20) actor: Jeff "The Dude" Bridges
21) friend: don't have a favorite - you guys are all cool. you know who you are! 8-)
22) color: blue or green
23) animal: don't really have one
24) book: Dark Tower series by Stephen King, and Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
25) author: see above
26) season: summer - mountain biking and thunderstorms and vacations and camping, yeah!
27) month: May has always been rather sacred i guess
28) sport: uh, no
29) holiday: Independence Day, since fireworks are very awesome
30) T.V. show: History's Mysteries on well, the History Channel...
South Park, and anything else on that grabs my attention
31) Subject: History and/or computer science
32) Time of the day: 10am-2pm. I have no idea why, but it rocks.

Yes or No
33) Are you happy: Comes and goes a lot lately, actually
34) If you were someone else would you be your friend: I think so
35) Are you honest: Most of the time. Except to Dustin and Jarad.
36) Do you like what you look like: Yeah, i'm getting buff, it's sweet
37) Do you drink: Why yes, beer mostly. Southern Comfort is good, too
38) Would you ever skinny dip: Depends on the situation
40) Do you want to move: Depends where. But there are a few places that come to mind...
41) Would you mind having school uniforms: of course
42) Do you like Britney Spears: not really
43) Are you jealous of people: sometimes
45) Do you have a girlfriend: no.... <sigh>
46) If no, do you want one: big time
47) Would you ever sky dive: i've always wanted to, yeah
48) Are you afraid of hieghts: if i could fall and hurt myself, yes
49) Are you afraid of the dark: not really, unless i'm in Jarad's house
50)Do you like your parents: yep - i get along with them really well
51) Do you like your friends: of course
52) Are you innocent: until proven guilty

Pick One
53) Croutons or Bacon Bits: croutons, if i had to choose
54) Hot dogs or Corn Dogs: Hot Dogs.
55) One pillow or two: gotta have two
56) night or day: day when attending school, night when I'm not.
57) cats or dogs: cats
58) long or short hair: makes no difference
59) Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb: Dr. Pepper.
60) Vikings or Timberwolves: n/a
61) video games or tv: TV
62) talking on the phone or going out: uh... going out
63) Big or Small groups of people: small
65) Math or English: english (math is the devilspawn)
66) giving or receiving: both
67) swollen nose or swollen lip: what?
68) dying hair or natural color: Natural
69) Being with people or being alone: times for both, man... too much of either
would get to me
70) sisters or brothers: only child

Your Future
71) What will be your career: something with computers (programming or heaven forbid, documenting code)
72) Where will you live: Couldn't tell ya... either in North Dakota, Oregon, or California - unless i get hired somewhere else.
73) What kind of car will you drive: one that doesn't have weird fuel/electrical problems like my Honda
74) What kind of house will you live in: what kind? one that doesn't suck, i guess
75) Who will you marry: I can't say who I will marry... I can always dream of who i will though, haha
76) What kind of pet will you have: cats, dogs, maybe a rodent or two
77) What college will you attend: NDSU. Unless things transpire and I end up switching majors to History. Which, in that case, i'd probably go to Humboldt State University, if I could afford it.
78) Will you succeed: yeah, baby, yeah!
79) Will you be famous: probably not.
80) How old will you be when you die: old enough to have lived the life I want to live
81) How many kids will you have: good question... maybe one or two
82) What will there names be: i'll get back to you on that
83) What color will be your bride's wedding dress: see answer above
84) Will you have a disc jocky or a live band at your wedding: a live band would be very cool
85) Where will your honeymoon be: argh! too many marriage questions! probably won't end up getting married anyways...

Odds and Ends:
86) What is your pets name: Romeo
87) Are you a morning person: no, not really. i love to sleep in
88) Are you a night person: if i didn't get up at 6am that morning
89) If you were to pick a celebrity to play you in a movie about your who would it be: Samuel L. Jackson
90) What are you scared of: comprehensive final exams
91) What T.V show or Movie best represents your life: nothing, i'm way too crazy
92) If you were to have lunch with anybody dead or alive who would it be: i haven't the slightest
93) What was your best vacation: California, summer 1999
94) If you were to change your name what would it be: Lord Brooks Conconnetodumnus Vercingetorix Addedomaros Shannon IV
95) What are you most proud of: truthfully i'm not proud of anything - i don't have any special talents, nor achievements
96) What are you most ashamed of: nothing
97) Say one thing about the person who sent this to you: heh, i forgot who sent it to me
98) What is your pet peeve: obnoxious people, like the jocks that live next door to me, i hate them
99) Who is one person the world couldn't live without: Carrot Top
100) What are your words to live by: Man is an end in himself