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Vacation! Woohoo! Yes, you guessed it, these are pictures from the summer vacation that Dustin and I took to Eureka, CA. Some of them suck, but if you have nothing better to do, continue on and be amazed.

Oh yeah, all the images have a little description that pops up if you move the mouse over them...

North Dakota Morning ND again... more ND North Dakota Badlands more badlands Montana finally!
more Montana me.. odometer: 132112.. 2112, yeah! The shop where we got the car fixed Billings, MT road construction more 'o Billings
Outside of Billings me again dustin first Les Schwab Tire billboard! Overnight stay in Superior, MT Across from our motel
Morning: west of Superior we were going about 200MPH here uh... the white smear is fog (it looked cool) more fog and more fog

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