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My Cozy Abode
These are photos you blithering fool!

I'm a lazy fuck, so you don't get thumbnails yet. Just click the links, and be merry.

VIDEO!! (5MB) Basic run-through of my apartment. Best use quicktime for this, since windows media player won't play the video on my system. A codec problem, of course. Dustin, remember man,

living room/dining room, looking from entryway

dining room and wall art

couch, looking at the ficus tree.. looking ENE, if my directions are right

looking SE i guess, in the living room. Ficus tree way in the right.

Here we see the kitchen from the living room, looking northward

Looking at the famed Ficus Tree again, looking more northeasterly this time. I can't figure out the directions here for shit.

My bedroom, the master bedroom. Yes, that is my bed... this shot seen from the doorway.

More of my bedroom, from in front of the window. You can sorta see my closet in the upper-left part of the image - the hallway leads to the adjoining bath.

Another Ficus Tree, in my bedroom still. The thing my computer is on is my dresser. There's some hairy-ass thing in the lower left corner, too, and I think that's my leg.

I'll eventually take some outdoor shots of this place, and perhaps some more indoor ones, too, if i'm not too lazy.

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