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Night is falling -
Where should I lay my head?
Should I run to you with hair blowing
And arms open, longing for your touch?
Should I lay with you in the silence?

Or should I walk just a little more?
Wait for the air to calm, the moon to fall away
And the north to come to me, with its hint of crisp November
Shall I make my bed beneath eternity?

I, really nothing but a speck of dust,
An insignificant refugee on rough Atlantic waves

Or should I rest here until the dawn?
Right here, at this very spot, this one below my feet
Not further along the road, nor in your embrace
Not below the stars, nor beside your heart

For I know the road is endless, and the moon will never set
The night will never chill, and I am more than dust

And I know you are but a dream, fashioned from a lonely sunset
That died a vagrantís death, on this very road
The road that I shall lay with tonight
Burning for the day when dreams come true