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Dreaming Season


Open yourself, let enter the dreams
Allow the sun to rise a bit slower
The fragrance of the night to last a little longer

Remember and grasp tightly
The beauty of her smile on that night
Shield from the future winds the fading light
Pouring from the stars into her eyes

But too sit by the firelight, calm, content
Locked away from the demon wind and biting ice
Knowing the past is but a cracking mural
Spread on the side of a ghost-town oasis

Dream your future dreams,
Light up your wonders ahead!
Spice the air with cinnamon, nutmeg, laughter and love
Spray the sky with gold and blue

Forget about the bright winter night and the snow drifting high
In your chair sink just a little deeper
Pull your blanket a little higher
And dream of truth

Dream of the fresh summer grass,
Resonating the scent of a thousand years of joy
Dream of picnics, of frisbee and soccer
And of harmless jaguars and dragons in the clouds

Smile as you gaze past the fire
Never look away as you sip your tea
And of beauty lament

Lose yourself in a dream of a sunset
At the waterís edge and at her side
Last light of the day dancing in her hair
First light of love dancing in her heart

As the fire dies, drift away
Surrender to the snowy windís lullaby
And paint your face with cheer
For tomorrow spring comes
And the golden dreams will come alive