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The sun rose and the shadows left town
For a tiny moment
When the melting pot was emptied –
I came into this world on wings of fire,
Forged of a strange, contradictory alloy

Grab that vessel!
We’ve got plenty of raw ore to add
Dump in some logic and reason
And toss some clay in there, too –
This guy will need to build one hell of a wall
Later in his life

I’ve matured now,
Harvested most of the fruits of experience
Of knowledge

Some fruits, some of the sweetest, fragrant ones
Are on the vine – some haven’t even showed themselves.
My vineyard, my garden –
Mayhap it has treasures others’ lack –
Mine, like the wasteland, lacks love

Do I flirt? No
Do I date? No
Do I do my little dance and play the game? No
Does this crush me, the lack? Sometimes.

I’ve never found anyone
Quite like me.

Perhaps it’s better that way.