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Iím dead in the thick quicksand of slumber
You toss away the hot, heavy sheets
And pull me up from stagnation
Pull me up with wings of light

Your sweetness flirts on my lips
On my tongue I taste you
Divine power coursing through me
Slamming me into life, driving me into reality

Your scent dances around me -
Like a roofer in the bar on the corner,
Iím drunk, wrapped up in cozy arms -
By you, driven to intoxication

Your heat comforts me when Iím cold,
When Iím alone
In from the driving rain I come -
You greet me, I hold you
And I smile

Youíre dark, a pleasurable mystery
A spot of dryness in the deluge
A drop of bright heat in a moment of despair
And a slice of blissful contentment

Later, I retire for the night,
Land of dreams closing in fast
And my eyes flash with longing and delight
For tomorrow the birds will sing again,
The sun will knock gently against my window,
And I will hold you, just like before
And just like I will until I breathe my last