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The wind screams,
and we are but wings on the moon,
but blinding sparks in a torrent of flame

I see you through my dreams
through my window
your features defined sharply like silk
through the fine grid of my prison

You mock me

Come closer to me
I want to see you
smell you
touch you feel you

You taunt me

Your glance slides me into a different world
your voice lulls me into a trance
you are the water and shade
in a dry, desolate waste of a world

You tease me

Frolic in my slumber!
run this way and that
playing a game of tag
where you will for all time be "it"

You draw me

The look in your eyes,
rich, calm, full of everything that is new -
we stare for a moment
and I am helpless.

You conquer me