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You’ve gone and left me here
A spent, shattered, war-torn shell
Too broken to move
Too broken to cry

The love in your eyes, the smile on your face
The touch of your skin, the beat of your heart
Pure, total existence in my arms
Ripped away from me, lost forever

You’ve driven off and left me
On the threshold of this icy sea
I shut out the memories,
Only way I can stay above the waves

Blissful images of passion and love
From simple smiles to bodies held tightly
From disarming laughter to surging tears of stinging loss

I burn to forget the light of you
To throw up a wall around you
To lock the memories away
For if you should escape,
I’d wither away into nothing

But you I can never forget –
The memory of your beauty and grace
To be carried upon my shoulders forever