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Go west, seek the dying sun
Burn the last drop of fuel
Feel the fire in veins molten
Flee the dark cold night

The color purple, the color of regal love
Painted on the canvas of the sky
With the tightly-clasped hands of soulmates

The sun setting faster
Cannot reach its healing light
Cannot feel its warm embrace

The color orange, the color of fiery action
Splashed high in a moment of clarity
Thrown about in a moment of bliss

Blues and blacks creep up from behind
Like robbers in the dead of winter
Tiny lanterns flicker on overhead
And look down, mournfully

The color red, the color of anger and betrayal
Tossed here and there, not overpowering
Yet speckled between smears of royalty and passion

The sun lay dead beyond the horizon
Blackness washing over the land

The world loses warmth, the wind whimpers away
The quest over, time stands still
Only dreams left of a land draped in light
Only a long gravel highway ahead to greet me