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Overload / In Need


Time woven and spun
Turned upside down
Shot from a cannon
Rocketing to the stars

A power surge
Slamming the theater
The projector screams, the film whistles
Flies off the reel in painful knots

Red lights to green
The flags go up
Thirsty engines howl and redline
Pistons fly to the clouds like birds

Smear, distort, reshape life

Motion pictures dead on the floor
Mechanical chariots dead on the track
Moments frozen in the galleries of my heart

A wiser man than I reclines on his sofa
Eating yesterday’s fried chicken (cold)
Drinking stale, flat beer (pilsner)
Wishing he could pause the cheap movie he watches

The remote lost
He scratches his belly and turns off the light
Leaves the movie on, drifts into sleep
Cold blue television energy flickers alone into the empty world